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Accounting for Manufacturers

Dynamic Taxation Services

You don’t need us to remind you of the challenges faced by anyone in the manufacturing sector in Australia. DTTS has been around long enough to have seen boom and bust years. We can walk alongside your firm as you move forward.
We stay on top of changes in the economic landscape, export and trade, international standards and the exchange rate so that we can partner with you to make the best decisions affecting your business.

Tax Planning and Minimisation

Planning tax and applying the right depreciation schedules to your plant and equipment are essential and have to be right for your specific situation. You know your business and we know ours.


Accounting Services

The backbone service of any accounting firm and the reason you legally need our help. It’s about keeping you compliant, on top of industry changes and able to make the most out of trade opportunities.


Management Advisory

Reporting on the numbers is important but meaningless if you don’t understand their implications. Setting a future course for your business is made possible by fully comprehending where you have come from and your current situation.


Lending and Leasing

Planning for and financing equipment purchases or leases to enable you to stay ahead of your innovation and research.



From the managing director to the workers on the factory floor and  the apprentices learning the tricks of the trade, good management of your salary structure, enterprise agreements and financial obligations to your staff is absolutely critical to your sustainability as a business.